Description: Eywa Light is our thinnest vibration damping material, specifically designed to fit into smallest spaces and for thin metal parts of the car such as roof and doors. A new generation butyl based material with self-adhesive glue layer, using an innovative mastic formula it features a higher vibration-damping characteristics.
Composition: It is a multi-layered material for vibration damping with an original design consisting of a butyl rubber-based polymer layer with a self-adhesive glue layer and aluminum foil on the outer side.
Material Thickness: 1.6±0,2 mm;
Mass per m²: 2.4 kg;
Foil (Outer) Thickness 60μm;
Mechanical Loss Factor 0.16;
Content: 12st 75×50 cm;
Packaging: 52х42х4 cm;
Used for: door, roof, trunk lid and bonnet cover
Area unit m²: 4.5;