Wireless car smartphone charger

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Thanks to the implementation of Qi technology, we have created this universal product, allowing charging through any type of surface, with exceptional performance and charging times.



Installation under surfaces up to 22 mm with maximum output.



Triple overlapping plate for asuperior batterycharging speed of the smartphone.

Fully approvedproduct for in-car use , having all the safety certifications required by smartphones in the automotive world

Range of application: all wireless charger with QI standard
Coil quantity 3 Coils
Charging Type Magnetic Induction Charging Style One to one in active area 
Charging active area L*W=99*72mm
Charging distance 3-20mm
Working frequency 110KHZ ~205KHZ
Power Input 12V/1.0A
Product Size 125( L)x60( W)x10(H )mm · Net Weight 85 g