Smartphone holder with Wirless Qi charger

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Universal holder for smartphones with integrated wireless charge. Qi technology is gaining more and more ground among smartphone manufacturers, and this product allows the use of the smartphone itself on every surface of the car thanks to the suction cup as well as ensuring a much faster charging thanks to our double cone solution.

Among its innovative features you will find : 


Large and adjustable smartphone compartment, allowing to insert any type of smartphone on the market.





Double plate for a superior battery charging speed of the smartphone. 

Fully approved product for in-car use , having all the safety certifications required by smartphones in the automotive world.


Compatibility: All smartphones with standard Qi technology 
2 coils for electromagnetic induction charging
AutoAdaptive smartphone support system
Charging Temperature: <45°C 
Operating Frequency: 110KHZ 205KHZ 
Automatic adjustment of output power